Final Information for 2018 Catholic Faith Camp!

We are getting very excited about St. Timothy’s 2018 Catholic Faith Camp as we make our final preparations!  We are looking forward to having your children join us this year for a fun week where they will learn about one of our great saints, St. Patrick and the wonderful mystery of the Holy Trinity.  Below is information to answer most of your questions and make the camp run more smoothly.  If I missed anything contact me at

T-Shirt, Packet and Assignments:  You may pick up your t-shirts, packets and group assignments in the Cafeteria on Sunday, July 8 between 8:30 am and 12:30 p.m.  If you are out of town on Sunday and cannot make it, you can pick them up on Monday, July 9 between 6:00 -7:30 p.m.  We ask that you come one of those days because the first day of camp is very chaotic and it is difficult to distribute materials then.  If you absolutely must pick them up Tuesday, please come between 9:00 -9:20 a.m.  If you come earlier, you will have to wait until 9 and if you come later, you may have to wait until 10:00 after opening ceremony to check in.  (Please note:  we ordered the t-shirts that you indicated on your registration form.  We do not have extras.  If the shirt you ordered does not fit, we are sorry, but it cannot be traded.)

Dates and Time:  Actual Camp July 10 (Tuesday)-July 13 (Friday) 9:30-12:45.

9:30-9:40 Children meet their group leaders (please do not come earlier because their volunteer leader may not be here yet).  Specific meeting locations will be given to you in your packet.

PreK/K Children meet in a classroom in the preschool wing of the school.

Grades 1-4 Children meet at a designated spot in the Gym (along the wall with First Grade first as you enter Gym from the Cafeteria working around until 3rd/4th Grade at the end.)  There are 5 Meeting Stations.

Grades 5-6 Children meet in the Cafeteria along the wall to the right of the main Cafeteria doors.

9:45-10:00 Opening Skit and Program (Parents are welcome to stay) in Gym

10:00-12:30 Half hour rotations to: Faith, Crafts, Games, Snack and Music)

12:30 PreK/K parents pick up children in classroom where they were dropped off

12:35-12:45 Closing Program in Gym (pick-up older kids from designated drop off station)

Buddies:  Catholic Faith Camp is divided by grade to have age appropriate lessons and activities.  We have honored all buddy requests if the buddy is in the same grade level.  Within each larger group, there are several sections so if your child has a different section than their friend, they will still be in the same group.  As long as the name of the group is the same, they can be assured they have a buddy.

Snacks:  Children will receive a light snack and water when they come in from their games rotation.  There is also water out at the field at the games station.  Please do not send them with any water bottles or snacks (unless there is an allergy) because they will have a difficult time keeping track of it.  The snack is light, so please be sure they have breakfast before they come.

Allergies:  More information will be coming about the specific snacks during the week with ingredient information if you have indicated an allergy at the time of registration.  We have avoided all common allergies of nuts/peanuts.  PLEASE let us know if your child has an allergy if he/she can participate with the snack provided or if he will bring his/her own snack on that day with a return email.  If your child has a substitute snack, please put the child’s name on it and drop it off at the kitchen in the morning.

Epipens:  Please drop off Epipens when you pick up your packets or on Tuesday morning with the person handling packet distribution in a baggie that is clearly marked with the child’s name.  If you will bring it daily, drop it off every morning with me or person at the desk next to kitchen.

Saturday Family Picnic:  On Saturday, July 14, we will have our fun Family Picnic.  After the 9:00 Mass we will have a procession to the Grotto behind the school for our closing prayer ceremony.  Then we enter the Gym where each class of children will perform one of the songs/dances they learned at Camp this week for their parents (make sure you have your cameras/phones!)  After that we have games, moon bounces, face painting, sno-cones, etc.  The Knights of Columbus are providing hot dogs for everyone.  We ask each family to bring a side dish or dessert.  You can sign up to let us know how many in your family are coming and what dish you will bring at

Volunteers:  You will be receiving more information later in the week about assignments and duties.

Pre-Camp Preparation Days for anyone 5th-12th Grade:  Thursday-Friday, July 5-6.  10-2 in the Cafeteria.  From 10-12, pre-teens and teens can help coordinate materials that will be used for camp and decorate the space.  We will provide lunch at noon.  From 12:30-2:00 we will rehearse songs/dances and skits.  If you would like to be a part of this, please respond to the email that will be sent to this age group.

Service Project for All:  This year we are fortunate to have a guest speaker from Students for Life speaking to the 5th-6th Graders about the value of life given to us by God, the Father.  Students for Life is an all-volunteer organization of young people bringing a pro-life message to students in an increasingly anti-life culture.  The volunteers are completely dependent on donations – they receive no salaries.  We are asking families to make a donation to this very worthwhile cause.  You can have your children participate directly by dropping their own money (coins or paper) into the large jar on the Administrative Desk.

We will also have boxes at the entrance of the cafeteria where you can drop off canned goods for the St. Vincent de Paul Society to sustain the lives of families in need.  Thank you for your donations.

God Bless you and your family!  See you next week!

Mary Beth Style, Coordinator


General information

St. Timothy’s Catholic Faith Camp program has over a decade of success.  Previously named St. Timothy VBS, the Catholic Faith Camp program has grown to serving over 300 children each summer. Children ages 4-18 can enjoy our program.

Each family receives a music CD and storybook.  Each child receives a t-shirt (must be worn daily), faith materials, craft projects, and snacks. Saturday is our final day with a potluck picnic enjoyed by the entire family.

This year’s program is Set Sail With the Holy Trinity: Featuring Saint Patrick, produced by Growing With the Saints. Campers will learn about one of the most important aspects of our Catholic Faith – The Holy Trinity as they sail with Saint Patrick, the first bishop missionary who brought Christianity to the pagan people of Ireland.

Since the days of the early Church, the doctrine of the Holy Trinity has been something even the most learned scholars have struggled with understanding. Saint Patrick is one of the saints who is credited with teaching and helping the world understand the mystery of the Trinity. Through this year’s program, we hope to help your children grow in their faith and in their understanding of the Holy Trinity.

3 Age-Appropriate Parallel Programs

St. Timothy’s Catholic Faith Camp offers three different programming tracks:

  • PreK/K – Children ages 4-5 years old, including rising kindergartners. (child must be 4 on July 1, 2018 to participate — no exceptions)
  • Elementary – Children 1st – 4th grade
  • Jr. Teen – Children 5th – 6th grade
  • Teens (7th – 12th grader) may co-lead groups of children as they sail through the Ports of Faith, Crafts, Games, Snacks and Music or assist the adults running the various Ports.

Teens and Jr. Teens may help with pre-camp preparations on July 5-6 (create posters, decorations, prepare camp materials, etc), and/or act in the opening assembly skits.  Those who will be involved in the skits will be required to participate July 5-6 and additional weekend dates to be announced.