Consider volunteering at St. Timothy Catholic Faith Camp. Volunteering provides an impressive example of faith and strengthens your relationship with your children. Volunteering families receive a discount on registration and a sense of confidence in committing to God’s work for the benefit of others.

As well as adults taking leadership roles, we need teens (rising 7th graders – 12 graders) to help.  Service hours for honor societies, Confirmation requirements, etc. are available.

Typically our greatest need is for chaperons (Group Leaders) — usually around 25 volunteers are needed.  Group Leaders accompany children to/from each station.  Station leaders will take leadership of group with the assistance of station volunteers and Group leaders.  Below is a chart of Volunteer Leadership Positions.  In addition to leaders, helpers are needed at each station.  Please use registration form to indicate your preference for rotation as well as leader/helper position.


If you are ready to help, REGISTER as a volunteer now.  You will receive a discount for your children who are participating.  Half price registration for all children preschool-6th grade with a maximum registration cost of $40 per family.

STS Points for Parents

Parents of St. Timothy Catholic School families receive Points for Parents credit for volunteering at Catholic Faith Camp.

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Four Half Days – (Time Commitment) Adult volunteers must be present for each day of Catholic Faith Camp week (Tuesday, July 10 – Friday, July 13) from 9:45 am – 12:45 pm.
  • VIRTUS – Arlington Diocese’s Volunteer Requirements
    All adult volunteers working with youth in the Catholic Diocese of Arlington must maintain compliance with the diocesan’s Office of Child Protection and Safety.  If you are volunteering at Catholic Faith Camp for the first time and are not Virtus Certified from previous ministry volunteer work, please do the following:
  1. Contact Sister Rosanne Shemchuck (rshemchuck@sttimothyparish.org  703 814-7980) to obtain your package of forms or download the forms here: Diocesan Child Protection Office QuestionnaireDiocesan background check-authorization-waiverDiocesan Request for Search of the Central RegistryAcknowledgement of the Diocesan Child Protection PolicyDiocesan Code of Conduct for the Laity
  2. Schedule an appointment with Sr. Roseanne to review your completed forms.
  3. Attend the VIRTUS training “Protecting GOD’s Children” (approximately 4 hours). Classes are available around the diocese throughout the year.   You can register for a free session at VIRTUS® Online.

Please note, the background check and clearance process takes approximately 4-6 weeks. If you fear your clearance will not be done in time, proceed with it anyway.  If you are not cleared before the start of Catholic Faith Camp, you will be ready for next year or any other ministry with children that you wish to participate in the Diocese of Arlington.

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